Land Position

L&HP owns 205 hectares of land in Western Polish district of Torzym, near Kownaty, which includes the park Majaland Kownaty. The remaining, undeveloped land serves, among other things, as an expansion opportunity for the park. In additional, diverse range of leisure facilities such as stores and restaurants are currently being developed.

Current Land Position

L&HP creates purposeful and strategic partnerships, resulting in a diverse range of leisure facilities around Majaland Kownaty. In collaboration with local parties, L&HP has been working on the development of a master plan for the past few years. This has resulted in the following obtained permit for:

  • A theme park and entertainment facilities;
  • Accommodations, allowing for multi-day visits and overnight stays at Majaland Kownaty;
  • Shopping, entertainment, leisure, and catering facilities.
    Offering multiple concepts, themes, attractions, and accommodations ensures the possibility of multi-day and repeat visits for visitors of all ages. This will also make Majaland Kownaty a more attractive vacation destination.