The history of L&HP began in 2008 with the purchase of 205 hectares of land at an exit of the then still-to-be-constructed highway between Berlin and Warsaw. After the purchase of the land, L&HP set itself the mission of being the first to realize a themed amusement park in Poland – it worked together with Plopsa Group to construct Majaland Kownaty. Over the coming years, three more theme parks will be constructed in Poland, helping to strengthen L&HP’s position on the European market.

Opportunities in Leisure

In 2008, entrepreneurial investor Momentum Capital joined a Dutch trade mission to Poland. This led to the acquisition of 205 hectares of land in the Western Polish district of Torzym, near Kownaty. The land was located an hour and a half's drive from Berlin and the Polish city of Poznań, at an exit of the then still-to-be-constructed new highway between Berlin and Warsaw.
The Polish economy had been in a constant upward trajectory for years (even during the credit crisis, the economy has shown an upward trend), disposable income continues to rise, and the middle class was growing and growing.
Research showed that the leisure industry in the Central European country offered good opportunities: The leisure industry was still in its infancy, and there was almost no targeted offer for families with children. Theme parks did not yet exist in Poland at that time.

Cooperation with Plopsa Group

Ideas matured and eventually led to the development of theme park Majaland Kownaty in cooperation with the Plopsa Group, the theme park subsidiary of media company Studio 100.
For years, the Plopsa Group had been successful with its theme park formula of flagship parks combined with satellite parks. A joint venture was quickly concluded, in which Momentum Capital became the majority shareholder. The Plopsa Group was closely involved and, with all its experience, took care of daily operations. Additionally, the right was acquired to theme the park after the famous TV characters of Studio 100, which are also popular in Poland.

Opening of Majaland Kownaty

The grand opening of Majaland Kownaty took place in September 29, 2018. It began as an indoor park, but when the outdoor season started in the first full year of 2019, the outdoor section was soon equipped with new attractions – including Poland's first wooden roller coaster.
By 2020, the park had expanded considerably: It had welcomed Wickieland, containing a Splash Battle and a Disk'O coaster, as well as a new hospitality area. Now, construction is underway on a new attraction in the theme of the popular TV series Super Wings, which is expected to be completed in early 2021.